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  • Interior. Leather Bar (2013) [DVD / Normal]

    Interior. Leather Bar (2013) [DVD / Normal]

    Provocative documentary directed by James Franco and Travis Mathews. Through recreating the 40 minutes of footage supposedly cut from the 1980 film 'Cruising' starring Al Pacino and directed by William Friedkin, Franco and Mathews aim to subvert cultural...
    Price: £7.00
  • Emmanuelle 5 (1987) [DVD / Normal]

    Emmanuelle 5 (1987) [DVD / Normal]

    Emmanuelle (Monique Gabrielle) is in a Far East island to promote her new film 'Love Express'. Its ruler, Rajid, is bewitched by her beauty and determines to make her queen of his harem, by any means necessary. Emmanuelle's lover, Charles Foster, flies...
    Price: £7.00
  • Black Emanuelle (1975) [DVD / Normal]

    Black Emanuelle (1975) [DVD / Normal]

    Laura Gemser stars as Emanuelle in this 1970s Italian sex film directed by Albert Thomas. Emanuelle is a young American photographer who has been sent on an assignment to Africa. There she enjoys a multitude of sexual partners, until the climax when she...
    Price: £8.00
  • Emanuelle in Bangkok (1976) [DVD / Normal]

    Emanuelle in Bangkok (1976) [DVD / Normal]

    Italian softcore drama. Laura Gemser stars as the seductive photographer, Emanuelle, whose latest assignment takes her to Bangkok. After her passport is stolen and she is raped by a brutal gang, Emanuelle begins to rove the underground clubs and markets...
    Price: £8.00