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  • You'll Like My Mother (1972) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    You'll Like My Mother (1972) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    Oscar winner Patty Duke stars in the tense and claustrophobic psychological thriller You'll Like My Mother. When her husband is killed in Vietnam, Francesca Kinsolving (Duke) finds herself alone...and pregnant. She makes her way to Minnesota in order to...
    Price: £13.00
  • Rolling Thunder (1977) [DVD / Normal]

    When Major Charles Rane and his friend Johnny Vohden returns home to San Antonio after eight years of physical and mental torture in a Vietnam POW camp they are treated as heroes. But Rane cannot know his experiences are nothing compared to the ordeal he...
    Price: £8.00
  • Jagged Edge (1985) [Blu-ray / Remastered]

    Jagged Edge (1985) [Blu-ray / Remastered]

    A classic neo-noir and a definitive 1980s erotic thriller, Jagged Edge stars Jeff Bridges (Fat City, Winter Kills) as a dashing newspaper publisher accused of brutally slaying his rich socialite wife in order to inherit her fortune. Glenn Close (Fatal...
    Price: £12.00
  • City of Fear (1959) [Blu-ray / Remastered]

    City of Fear (1959) [Blu-ray / Remastered]

    Vince Edwards (Murder by Contract) and John Archer (Decision at Sundown) face off in the explosive City of Fear, a violent and shocking film noir classic. When drug dealer Vince busts out of San Quentin, he takes a canister he believes to contain heroin....
    Price: £12.00
  • The Sniper (1952) [Blu-ray / Remastered]

    The Sniper (1952) [Blu-ray / Remastered]

    One of the most shocking films of Hollywood's golden age, The Sniper pits Adolphe Menjou (State of the Union) against Arthur Franz (The Caine Mutiny) in a deadly game of cat and mouse. When misogynist delivery man Eddie goes on a killing spree, murdering...
    Price: £12.00
  • Between Midnight and Dawn (1950) [Blu-ray / Remastered]

    Between Midnight and Dawn (1950) [Blu-ray / Remastered]

    Genre stalwarts Edmund O'Brien (711 Ocean Drive), Mark Stevens (The Snake Pit), and Gale Storm (The Underworld Story) join forces in Between Midnight and Dawn, an influential film noir tale of police on the beat. Childhood friends Rocky and Dan grew up...
    Price: £12.00
  • Convicted (1950) [Blu-ray / Remastered]

    Convicted (1950) [Blu-ray / Remastered]

    Convicted brings Glenn Ford (The Undercover Man) and Broderick Crawford (The Mob) together in a claustrophobic film noir look at life behind bars. Locked up for manslaughter, Joe Hufford witnesses a prison murder, but refuses to break the criminal code...
    Price: £12.00
  • The Dark Past (1948) [Blu-ray / Remastered]

    The Dark Past (1948) [Blu-ray / Remastered]

    William Holden (The Wild Bunch) and Lee J Cobb (The Garment Jungle, The Exorcist) lead the cast of The Dark Past, a psychological film noir thriller focusing on the art of criminal psychoanalysis. Dr Collins, a police psychiatrist, is held hostage along...
    Price: £12.00
  • Winter Kills (1979) [Blu-ray / Restored]

    Winter Kills (1979) [Blu-ray / Restored]

    Based on a novel by Richard Condon (The Manchurian Candidate), William Richert's brilliantly off-kilter conspiracy thriller features an all-star cast, including Jeff Bridges (Jagged Edge), John Huston (Breakout), Elizabeth Taylor (Secret Ceremony), Tomas...
    Price: £12.00
  • Taxi Hunter (1993) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    Taxi Hunter (1993) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    One of the most infamous movies branded with Hong Kong's 'adults only' Category III rating, Taxi Hunter bravely tackles the under-explored scourge of - er - unprofessional taxi drivers. After his pregnant wife perishes through the actions of a careless...
    Price: £17.00
  • Someone to Watch Over Me (1987) [Blu-ray / Restored]

    Someone to Watch Over Me (1987) [Blu-ray / Restored]

    Tom Berenger (Platoon, Inception) plays a blue-collar NYPD detective assigned to protect a wealthy murder witness (Mimi Rogers, The Rapture). Soon, the relationship becomes an affair, threatening Berenger's marriage to Lorraine Bracco (Goodfellas, The...
    Price: £12.00
  • Badge 373 (1973) [Blu-ray / Remastered]

    Badge 373 (1973) [Blu-ray / Remastered]

    Inspired by the real-life exploits of New York cop Eddie Egan (who was also the basis for Gene Hackman's 'Popeye' Doyle character in The French Connection), Badge 373 is a tough detective thriller, comparable to William Friedkin's more celebrated feature...
    Price: £12.00