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Icon Film Distribution

  • Play Dead (2023) [DVD / Normal]

    Play Dead (2023) [DVD / Normal]

    On a mission to save her brother from the consequences of a crime gone horribly wrong, criminology student Chloe fakes her own death to break into a morgue and steal evidence. But once inside, she...
    Price: £7.00
  • Drive (2011) [Blu-ray / Special Edition]

    Drive (2011) [Blu-ray / Special Edition]

    A laconic best in the business getaway driver with a strict professional code has his loner lifestyle turned upside down when he falls for his neighbour Irene. With her ex-con husband owing...
    Price: £8.00
  • Condor's Nest [DVD / Normal]

    Condor's Nest [DVD / Normal]

    A decade after the fall of Nazi Germany, a vengeful American aviator travels across South America in search of war criminals, and encounters more than he bargained for.
    Price: £7.00
  • Cold in July (2014) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    Cold in July (2014) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    Noir thriller directed by Jim Mickle and starring Michael C. Hall and Sam Shepard. Texan small-business owner Richard Dane (Hall) has been hailed as the town hero since he protected his wife (Vinessa...
    Price: £7.00
  • The Lost Bladesman (2011) [DVD / Normal]

    The Lost Bladesman (2011) [DVD / Normal]

    Chinese historical action drama centering on the exploits of legendary bladesman Guan Yu (Donnie Yen). While waiting on news of his warlord master Liu Bei (Alex Fong)'s whereabouts, Guan Yu helps out...
    Price: £6.00
  • Drive (2011) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    Drive (2011) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    A laconic best in the business getaway driver with a strict professional code has his loner lifestyle turned upside down when he falls for his neighbour Irene. With her ex-con husband owing...
    Price: £7.00
  • Buried (2010) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    Buried (2010) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    Rodrigo Cortes directs this claustrophobic suspense thriller. Ryan Reynolds stars as Paul Conroy, an American driver contracted to deliver supplies to soldiers in Iraq. After an attack by an Iraqi...
    Price: £7.00
  • A Single Man (2009) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    A Single Man (2009) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    Former fashion impresario Tom Ford directs this drama based on a short story by Christopher Isherwood. In a BAFTA-winning performance, Colin Firth stars as George Falconer, a middle-aged English...
    Price: £7.00
  • Precious (2009) [DVD / Normal]

    Precious (2009) [DVD / Normal]

    A gritty, life-affirming tale of an abused African-American teenager's struggle to change her life in 1980s Harlem. 16-year-old Clareece 'Precious' Jones (Gabourey Sidibe) has been abused from an...
    Price: £6.00
  • Edge of Darkness (2010) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    Edge of Darkness (2010) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    Political thriller based on the award-winning 1980s BBC series. Thomas Craven (Mel Gibson) is a veteran homicide detective for the Boston Police Department and a single father. When his only child,...
    Price: £7.00
  • The Box (2009) [DVD / Normal]

    The Box (2009) [DVD / Normal]

    From writer/director Richard Kelly ('Donnie Darko') comes this suspense horror, based on a short story by Richard Matheson and starring Cameron Diaz and James Marsden. When a little wooden box...
    Price: £6.00
  • Pandorum (2009) [DVD / Normal]

    Pandorum (2009) [DVD / Normal]

    Sci-fi thriller in which two astrounauts awake to find themselves drifting alone in space, or so they think. Awakening from their hyper-sleep chambers on a seemingly deserted spaceship, Lt. Payton...
    Price: £6.00
  • Push (2009) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    Push (2009) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    Sci-fi action thriller starring Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning. A group of people with telekinetic and clairvoyant powers are being hunted down by a secret government agency known as The Division,...
    Price: £7.00
  • The Road (2009) [DVD / Normal]

    The Road (2009) [DVD / Normal]

    Director John Hillcoat's adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. In the burnt-out wasteland of a post-apocalyptic America, a man (Viggo Mortensen) and his son (Kodi Smit-McPhee)...
    Price: £6.00
  • Transporter 3 (2008) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    Transporter 3 (2008) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    Action sequel written and produced by Luc Besson and directed by Olivier Megaton. Jason Statham reprises his role as Frank Martin, professional driver and ultimate mercenary who, for the right money,...
    Price: £6.00
  • Man On Wire (2008) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    Man On Wire (2008) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    Oscar-winning documentary by James Marsh telling the story of what has since been described as 'the artistic crime of the century'. On August 7th 1974, a young Frenchman called Philippe Petit stepped...
    Price: £7.00
  • Black Sheep (2006) [DVD / Normal]

    Black Sheep (2006) [DVD / Normal]

    Blood-soaked horror comedy about a New Zealander, Henry Oldfield (Nathan Meister), with an unfortunate phobia of sheep. When Henry returns to his family's farm he is unaware that something baaaad is...
    Price: £6.00
  • Once (2006) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    Once (2006) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    Inspirational drama about two kindred spirits who find each other on the bustling streets of Dublin. One (Glen Hansard) is a street musician who lacks the confidence to perform his own songs. The...
    Price: £8.00
  • Sale 19% OFF
    Starter for 10 (2006) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    Starter for 10 (2006) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    Coming-of-age comedy drama set in the mid-1980s, starring James McAvoy as working-class Essex boy Brian Jackson, who navigates his way through his first year at Bristol University and struggles to...
    Was: £8.00
    Now: £6.40
  • Sliding Doors (1997) [DVD / Normal]

    Sliding Doors (1997) [DVD / Normal]

    Peter Howitt writes and directs this drama starring Gwyneth Paltrow. Having been fired from her job at a PR company, Helen (Paltrow) runs to catch an underground train. Two storylines then unfold: in...
    Price: £5.00
  • Anna Karenina (1997) [DVD / Normal]

    Anna Karenina (1997) [DVD / Normal]

    A Nineties adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's 19th century romantic, merry-go-round set in Moscow. At its centre stands Anna Karenina (Sophie Marceau), caught between her husband (James Fox) and lover,...
    Price: £6.00
  • Lost in La Mancha (2002) [DVD / Normal]

    Lost in La Mancha (2002) [DVD / Normal]

    Documentary telling the story of director Terry Gilliam's unfinished film version of 'Don Quixote'. Featuring extensive on-set footage, the film shows how Gilliam coped (or failed to cope) with the...
    Price: £6.00
  • Upside Down (2012) [DVD / Normal]

    Upside Down (2012) [DVD / Normal]

    Fantasy drama directed by Juan Solanas and starring Jim Sturgess, Kirsten Dunst and Timothy Spall. In a world where two realms with their own gravity exist in proximity to one another, Adam...
    Price: £6.00
  • The Forest (2016) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    The Forest (2016) [Blu-ray / Normal]

    Supernatural horror - and directorial debut from Jason Zada - set in the legendary Aokigahara Forest, a real-life place at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan where people go to end their lives. A young...
    Price: £7.00